Ndagire Sarah's official website

Welcome to the home of Ndagire Sarah, born in and grown in Uganda, the pearl and heart of Africa. She is a folk and modern performing Artist from Uganda. Ndagire has been performing on the stage for several years both on the local and international scene. She has worked with several theatre organizations and bands especially in Uganda.

Ndagire is a composer and singer of traditional music from Uganda, and all kinds of contemporary music styles from all around the world. She has come up with many original compositions that have been a famous sound on many radio stations and stages in Uganda.

Ndagire has actively participated in the field of African music, pop music, African dance and has her own story to tell about her experiences and opinions, regarding theatre in Uganda and Africa at large.
She is advocating for the support of discovering the roots of true Ugandan music which today has been influenced and killed by the western cultures. She is not chasing away the foreign music; she welcomes and respects all kinds of music, and loves to work with other kinds of musicians from all around the world to create a new kind of contemporary sounds built on the idea of folk music and theatre.

Ndagire is one of the few outstanding performers from Uganda who speak quite a number of folk tongs from Uganda and this brings a big opportunity for her to learn and share her talent with all tribes, communities and societies.
On the other hand, Ndagire has for a long time worked with children sharing knowledge with them through oral Education. She is involved traditional folklore works like story telling and children lullabies. She tells traditional stories and Legends, writes her own stories and this is one way through which she promotes African culture to all parts of the world.

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